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Family and friends pulled up chairs to get a front row seat to watch the bull riding.The Mexican Rodeo comes to Passaic NJ. Here, the rider, El Grenas loses his hat while riding a brahma bull.The Mexican Rodeo comes to Passaic NJ.Cowboys on the fence of the bull pen under a clear summer sky.El Grenas prays before his bull ride.The riders say a prayer before the start of bull riding.One of the games played before the rodeo was for women to run100 feet into the arms of several different men.This rider is Chonta rode this bull and was not thrown off.Bull rider Chonta runs after he dismounted the bull, completing his successful ride.This bull rider, Chonta blesses himself after his ride.The crowd watches the rodeo entertainment that included games with a rodeo clowns as he played with members of the audience.A bull rider is greeted after a successful ride.This rider, Chicharra, mounts up before his bull ride.Chicharra stayed on for the whole ride.Cowboys of different ages came to see the rodeo.